Ideal House,A-35, Sector-64,
Noida - 201307
Uttar Pradesh

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Coperion & Hillenbrand
04, September , 2021

Unethical way of working Coperion ideal pvt ltd noida and great noida up has been giving wrong commitments to its buyers.
Ours too is a company who have been cheated by them.
Coperion Ideal Pvt Ltd Noida UP
04, September , 2021

This organisation is a cheat don t see their 5 star reviews as they have hired a company to put good reviews on monthly basis.
The reality is they are typical Baniya company. They copy western companies but are cheap corrupt Indian Individuals with no work ethics.
28, August , 2021

I strongly recommend freshers and job seekers to stay away from this fraud company. They have criminals corrupt employees like ED operations HR Head VP GM Engineering projects Manager Assistant etc with bribe policy inside company which is illegal.
A message to all companies who are dealing with Coperion be aware about them they are very manipulated and gives third class product to customers.

Hillenbrand Coperion
22, August , 2021

Coperion ideal as name says is ideal place for corruption criminals harassment torchure career to spoil as here world class criminal ED-Operations HR head VP-Projects GM-engineering & projects works... Looser they dnt know even pig is having good face and mind then these peoples.
Coperion truth
22, August , 2021

Bribe chart of ED operations GM engineering projects
VP 1 crore
GM 50 lakh
Manager 35 lakh
Dy/asst manger 20 lakh
Sr engineer 10 lakh
Get/trainee 5 lakh
All in cash at noida office and documents will be made by them.

All PSU private company officials are bought by company best future for corrupt peoples
Give me baby
08, May , 2021

Want to get hell in your life work here. ED operations HR head GM projects is TalakshudaAparadhi. VP projects Instrument engineer lady tharkiOld ask baby to all do bad things with juniors and seniors for fun. Such a looser.
23, April , 2021

A pig face aunty works here in instrumentation department ask baby to everyone and do timepass for fun. Such a characterless always forget her various affairs. How many boys job she has taken.
03, April , 2021

Such third class womens works here ask baby to all employees and do bad things for fun. Such a Loosers and mental shop just surviving by giving bribes.
23, March , 2021

Pig face divorsed HR Head ED operations calls her daughter of owner. Divorsed criminal mental GM enginering projects Tharki VP projects womens ask baby for fun timepass bad things. Such a looser and mental shop.
Coperion ideal pvt ltd
19, January , 2021

Worst company i had ever deal with in my entire career no policies no inter-departmental coordination even HR of their company do not know whom to hire and whom to give offer also they money minded nature which always harm employees.
Sincere advice if you don t have any option go for worst.
ED operations HR head GM engineering projects HOD everywhere talakshuda criminals court cases new pending complaints PS is their experienced track record. Game over now.



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