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La Medicca is a well-known name for its unique range of world class Ayurvedic products in India as well as outside the country. The company, incorporated in 1965 for manufacturing and marketing of herbal formulations is currently one of the largest Ayurvedic products manufacturers and exporters of herbal formulations in North INDIA.

Apart from manufacturing different dosage forms, La Medicca has a strong presence in the holistic healing segment also.Our range of herbal aromatic pillows-a unique concept has been widely appreciated abroad by thousands of satisfied customers.

The Vision
To match the best in the industry, in terms of scientific validation and clinical efficacy.

The Research & Development
Research and development has been pivotal in the progress of La -Medicca. The dynamic team of scientists include pharmacists, chemists, botanist, micro biologists, pharmacologists, clinicians etc. in different departments such as pharmacology, formulation, phytochemistry, microbiology, quality control, literature survey and house for experimental studies. The level of sophistication and capabilities of the laboratory attained greater heights with the installation of the most modern


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