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Off Pimpalwadi Road Shirdi - 423409, Maharashtra, India
Shirdi - 423409

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Goradia''s Lords Inn at Shirdi (Maharashtra, India) is a 4-star hotel tucked away near holy shrine of Shri Sai Baba which has been incorporated as one of the holy places in the world''s map of pilgrimage. It offers a luxury stay amidst the holy city. Location :- It is one of the best located 4 Star hotel which just opposite to Samadhi Temple and famous Sai Baba temple being just across the road. Situated at a walking distance from the holy shrine, it is close to most of the nearby holy related to Sai Baba like; Dwarkamai, Chawdi Mandir and famous Banyan Tree. Shirdi is about 285 kms and 6 hours'' drive from airport (Bombay).


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