Ideal House,A-35, Sector-64,
Noida - 201307
Uttar Pradesh

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03, April , 2021

Such third class womens works here ask baby to all employees and do bad things for fun. Such a Loosers and mental shop just surviving by giving bribes.
Coperion Ideal Pvt Ltd Noida UP
04, September , 2021

This organisation is a cheat don t see their 5 star reviews as they have hired a company to put good reviews on monthly basis.
The reality is they are typical Baniya company. They copy western companies but are cheap corrupt Indian Individuals with no work ethics.
Coperion & Hillenbrand
04, September , 2021

Unethical way of working Coperion ideal pvt ltd noida and great noida up has been giving wrong commitments to its buyers.
Ours too is a company who have been cheated by them.
Coperion Gmbh
04, September , 2021

After complete work they are not listening to anyone or nor give any response about payment They are not release our payment from last 1 year.
Very bad experience.
Coperion = Fake = Bribe
04, September , 2021

Very bad experience with this company.. I recommend not to join this company which lacks ethics.
Cheater take bribes give fake offer letter deduct salary doesnot provide bonus and incentive to employees for their own profit.
04, September , 2021

They are cheats. Do NOT do business with them. Gave material on credit once. have been running after them since then for payment almost a year now. Instrumentation Womens ask relation ship and baby with vendors like us.
04, September , 2021

CMD sir I want to work your company.I am working abroad piping and mechanical supervisor since many years now I will came new Delhi and work here.I can give bribe as per Coperion & Hillenbrand bribe list to your daughter working as ED Operations and HR Head. Thank you
Coperion Vendor
04, September , 2021

The place of work with dignity for criminals illegal bribe fake unprofessional noneducated divorsed peoples like ED operations GM enginering projects VP
07, November , 2020

Work culture is mzak... Top management is dimag s bimar.... Environment is third class... Product is low....
07, November , 2020

Great company
HR department is a cheater in this company
VP GM projects plays dirty politics
Coming soon divorsed HR Head and GM Engineering Projects in jail
HOD is dimag s bimar
Great criminal place



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