Ideal House,A-35, Sector-64,
Noida - 201307
Uttar Pradesh

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03, April , 2021

Such third class womens works here ask baby to all employees and do bad things for fun. Such a Loosers and mental shop just surviving by giving bribes.
23, March , 2021

Pig face divorsed HR Head ED operations calls her daughter of owner. Divorsed criminal mental GM enginering projects Tharki VP projects womens ask baby for fun timepass bad things. Such a looser and mental shop.
Coperion ideal pvt ltd
19, January , 2021

Worst company i had ever deal with in my entire career no policies no inter-departmental coordination even HR of their company do not know whom to hire and whom to give offer also they money minded nature which always harm employees.
Sincere advice if you don t have any option go for worst.
ED operations HR head GM engineering projects HOD everywhere talakshuda criminals court cases new pending complaints PS is their experienced track record. Game over now.
27, December , 2020

Negative shop with ED operations HR head GM enginering projects HOD mentally sick and low minded and family pigs...
Daughter of owner
19, December , 2020

A tharki old lady of pig face calls her daughter of owner divorsed no respect rule her she satisfy her with GM engineering projects another tharki divorsed criminal and think all world is their servant and slave wait for right time you will rule inside jail. Lets see what karma served for you. Game over
14, December , 2020

Shop where mental and criminals work. HR Head ED operations VP GM engineering projects are few pysico rule here. They are also tharki and egostic in nature. Cheat customers and employees
25, November , 2020

Coperion ideal pvt ltd is a bad place to work just because of few employees whoes motive is to satisfy their own ego.
19, November , 2020

Coperion ideal so called a Doperion due to its senior employees HR head ED operations VP GM projects such a pathetic looser by doing dirty politics they have achieved progress when karma will knock their door then world will see their politics.
15, November , 2020

Working in Coperion ideal private limited was a fun. Never reliazed that i am working in a company as it is a shop. Peoples here work like a servant slave. Office atmosphere is like a fish market. VP GM enginering projects is Dimag s bimar seniors dirty politics no training bad language is their speciality in learning. Management is blindly moving ahead. Thakri talakshuda HR ED GM will be punished soon.
My experience
11, November , 2020

Coperion ideal pvt ltd noida up is aFraud cheater fake company HR ED GM VP all are mentally sick and low standard criminals. Karma will soon punish them with their own actions.



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